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Armenia ranked 117 in list of Facebook users

Armenia ranked 117 in list of Facebook usersSeptember 03, 2011 | 02:57

YEREVAN. – Armenia has improved its position on Facebook as the number of users has increased reaching 198,580. Armenia ranks 117 out of 213 states.

According to the user age distribution on Facebook, 18-24 aged make 37% of the total number, 30% of Armenian users are aged 25-34, while 35-44 aged users make 10%, only 2% of users are above 65.

A total of 10,900 people connected to the Facebook over the recent month. The majority of Armenian Facebook users are female - 53 %.  

Turkey is ranked fourth with 30,280 million Facebook users. Georgia is 88 with 620,080 users, while Azerbaijan occupies 93rd line with 472,220 users. U.S. is the first with 154 million users.

Armenia had 135,100 users on Facebook in March against 55,000 during the same period last year.


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