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US Senate to provide assistance to Armenia and Karabakh

05:26, 28.09.2011 Region: World News, Armenia, Karabakh, Diaspora Theme: Politics, Economics, Society

WASHINGTON, D.C. – US Senate’s Foreign Appropriations Committee adopted the 2012 budget, which also includes the program on providing assistance to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh). From the budget Armenia will receive $40 million, Armenian Assembly of America informed. And Artsakh’s funding will be directed towards improving living conditions of the Karabakh war victims.        

In July, the Senate’s subcommittee had approved this program which, however, did not include assistance to Artsakh, even though US provided $10 million to Artsakh every year.    

Congressman Frank Pallone had petitioned to the Appropriations Committee requesting that assistance be provided to Artsakh, as well, noting that denying assistance would seriously damage US standing.

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