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Kim Kardashian - most annoying celebrity

00:06, 30.09.2011 Region: World News

Kardashian, Sheen, Snooky, Pippa… These are the names that have covered headlines during the whole year. But which celebrity made people say “oh my God”?

The magazines “Parade” and “omg!” together made a survey on Yahoo! to find out what Americans think about pop culture, entertainment, celebrities and other things.

Kim Kardashian seems to be the most annoying celebrity, “Parade” informs. Doing what she does Kim Kardashian loomed in front of eyes especially with her recent marriage and honeymoon. Probably this is the reason why she got the most annoying title with 29 percent.

The ranking of the most annoying celebrities includes:

Kim Kardashian-29 percent
Charlie Sheen-27 percent
Snooky-21 percent
Lindsay Lohan-16 percent
Donald Trump-5 percent
Brett Womack-1 percent

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