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Jailed Javakhk-Armenian activist declares hunger strike

Jailed Javakhk-Armenian activist declares hunger strikeOctober 06, 2011 | 16:24

Javakhk-Armenian activist Vahagn Chakhalyan, whom Georgian authorities had sentenced to 10 years in confinement and who is serving his sentence at a top-security prison in Georgia, on Wednesday declared a termless hunger strike, Chakhalyan himself informed Yerkir Union over the telephone. 

Chakhalyan resorted to hunger strike to protest “against his inhuman and degrading prison conditions.” He demands an end to his “unlawful suppression” and improvement of his prison conditions.   

Vahagn Chakhalyan also informed that, despite his requests, the prison’s administration refuses to register his hunger strike.

On September 14, Chakhalyan’s attorney Stepan Voskanyan had released a statement, where it was noted that, , Georgian authorities have increased the prison suppression against the Javakhk-Armenian activist and also significantly tightened his prison conditions, in recent periods.   

Javakhk (Georgian name: Javakheti) is an Armenian-populated part of Georgia’s southeastern Samtskhe-Javakheti province.

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