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Armenia has powerful reserve represented by Diaspora - Russian expert

18:23, 02.11.2011 Region: World News, Armenia, Russia Theme: Economics, Analytics

The current economic situation in Armenia is difficult and it gets worse because Armenia, which is in a blockade, is dependent on the whimsical government of Tbilisi, Russian State Duma deputy-chairman, director of Institute of Political Studies Sergey Markov stated during the interview given to the Azerbaijani Zerkalo paper.

“At the same time, Armenia has a powerful Diaspora which is comparable only with the Jewish one. The Diaspora doesn’t let the Armenian Economy down and supports it. Armenia cannot receive such a support even from powerful partners like the US, France or Russia. That is why the economic situation in Armenia is difficult,” the politician announced.

It is important to take in account that this is not the first year when Armenia is in a difficult situation, the politician pointed out. According to his words if “rainy days” come, Armenia will always have its Diaspora who will help.

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