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2012 Armenian budget indexes significantly lower from forecasted

2012 Armenian budget indexes significantly lower from forecastedNovember 10, 2011 | 15:38

YEREVAN. – Armenian 2012 state budget indexes are significantly lower from the intended index set at the pre-election project of Serzh Sargsyan in 2008, former head of the Central Bank of Armenia, member of oppositional Armenian National Congress (ANC) Bagrat Asaryan told the journalists on Thursday.

According to the pre-election project, the state’s GDP was intended to achieve AMD 5,570,000,000 while it makes AMD 4,218,000,000 for 2012 budget. Regarding pensions, the project intended AMD 39,498 for 2012, while the budget intends only AMD 31,254.

In response to the report, ruling Republican Party member Vardan Ayvazyan called not to neglect the world economic crisis.

“Does it mean that 14.4% reduce is the fault of the authorities and the world crisis has nothing to do with it?” Ayvazyan stated and added that incomes increased by AMD 240 billion for three years as a result of paid taxes.

Tax and duty ratio of GDP made 16.88% last year. This year 16.79% is expected, while next year intends to make it to 17.36%.

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