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Former employees of BMW dealership in LA accused of recklessness (VIDEO)

November 26, 2011 | 04:16

GLENDALE. - In Glendale the prosecutors charged two former employees of Pacific BMW dealership with misdemeanor for taking a powerful sports car in order to do some joyriding, Glendale News-Press informs.

A video clip showing how the car races on a residential street in Glendale was later posted on YouTube.

21-year-old Vacheh Margoussian and 22-year-old Artin Yazidjian were charged with misdemeanor for taking the car out of the local dealership center. Margoussian was also charged with misdemeanor for inappropriate driving. Passenger Yazidjian filmed how Margoussian races on high speed.

The men will appear in front of Los Angeles County Court in Glendale on December 12.

Glendale police found out that the incident occurred on August 12 and the video was posted on YouTube the next day. The police was reported about the video clip on YouTube on September 14.

The representatives of Pacific BMW dealership informed that they immediately fired the employees when they found out about the incident.

The representatives of the company informed that the car had been sold when news about the incident reached the media. But they did not inform whether the car was returned or not.

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