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Transsexual stewardesses accepted to work in Thailand (VIDEO)

12:28, 20.12.2011 Region: World News Theme: Society

Transsexuals were accepted to work as stewardesses in Thailand. By doing this the company PC Air decided to fight against the prejudices if hiring so called “third gender” people.

The first flight including 4 transsexual stewardesses took off on December 15. At first the company had decided to hire only male and female service personnel but things changed after PC Air received more than 100 applications from transvestites and transsexuals. Four of them were hired along with 19 women and 7 men. They were obliged to write “unisex” in the contract.

“Unisex-stewardesses” completed the training courses with the other stewardesses. The demands were also the same as for normal women: to be feminine and attractive. To avoid conflicts with the immigration law the new employers were given IDs showing their sex and during work they are wearing special golden badges: on them it is stated that they belong to “third gander”.

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