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How much will Armenia’s Government pay for each newborn?

How much will Armenia’s Government pay for each newborn?December 29, 2011 | 13:49

YEREVAN. – In 2012, the lump-sum benefit paid for every newborn in Armenia will be 50,000 Armenian drams (AMD), and this will be AMD 430,000 for the third and every other child born into a family. This decision was reached during the Government’s session on Thursday.  

The Government will spend AMD 4.5 billion to provide lump-sum benefits for every newborn in 2012, since it is assumed that 43,800 babies will be born in the coming year. To note, 44,800 babies were born in Armenia in 2010.    

Also, AMD 18,000 will be paid, on a monthly basis, as child care benefit for children up to two years old. 

In addition, a lump-sum of AMD 25,000 will be paid for the first-grade students of families that receive family benefits, and AMD 50,000 will be paid for the loss of a family member.

To note, in line with the current exchange rate US$ 1 is equivalent to approximately AMD 385.

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