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Opening Armenian-Turkish border to lead to instability-expert

Opening Armenian-Turkish border to lead to instability-expertJanuary 02, 2012 | 17:05

YEREVAN. – Opening Armenian-Turkish border currently means export of the instability from Middle East to South Caucasus and Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh primarily, Russian political analyst Andrey Areshev told Armenian News-NEWS.am.

“The main line in all contacts is the elite character, as well as insufficient respond of the Armenian-Turkish societies, despite the efforts of launching a dialogue, including the participation of Western NGOs,” the expert said.

Areshev stated that Armenian and Turkish businessmen establish contacts through the third state in developing trade relations on the one hand. On the other, opening the border with Turkey may influence negatively on the development of separate branches of the Armenian economy.

“Regarding military-political sphere, this step could have meant strengthening the supplies of the Northern network from the U.S. to the Central Asia, which will raise negative reaction not so much by Russia, but by Iran and China,” the expert concluded.

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