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How have prices changed in Armenia before and after New Year?

12:40, 09.01.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Economics, Analytics

YEREVAN. – The price anomalies are ordinary phenomena in Armenia in late December and early January.

Because of a sharp increase in demand and money circulation, there can be short-term price fluctuations in the country. But this time the dominant position holders in the country’s respective market were fairly restrained, and price anomalies did not occur in Armenia. But the sole exception was the bananas, which were in short supply on December 30 and 31, and their price had sharply increased. Ever since January 4, however, the price was regulated in this sector, too.        

Also on December 30 and 31, the price of beef and turkey meat increased somewhat, and that of turkey increased even more sharply. But, instead, the local pork prices dropped on the account of a large quantity of cheap imported Brazilian pork.        

But some price increase was recorded in imported citrus, whereas the price of local apples, nuts, and walnuts practically remained the same. Although the price of apple is showing a tendency to increase, this is conditioned exclusively on the given season.

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