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Epidemiological situation is calm in Armenia

Epidemiological situation is calm in ArmeniaJanuary 10, 2012 | 13:17

YEREVAN. – The epidemiological situation is calm in Armenia, Health Ministry’s State Hygienic and Epidemic Control Inspectorate Chief Artavazd Vanyan said during a press conference on Tuesday.

In his words, no group poisonings were recorded on January 1-9, but there was one botulism case. Also, there were fifteen cases of alcohol abuse, and several cases of digestive system disorder.     

As per Vanyan, this calm situation was conditioned on the preventive measures taken and the explanatory work carried out among the public.  

And according to the information which Health Ministry Chief of Staff Suren Krmoyan provided, more emergency calls were recorded during the New Year, but this was not pended on the deterioration of the epidemiological situation, but rather on the greater accessibility of this service.

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