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Hrant Dink’s murder trial verdict is expected on Tuesday – Turkish newspaper

14:41, 16.01.2012 Region: Armenia, Turkey Theme: Politics, Society, Incidents

ISTANBUL. – The court ruling into the murder of Hrant Dink—the founder and former chief editor of Istanbul’s Agos Armenian weekly, who was killed in 2007—is expected to be issued on Tuesday, Radikal daily of Turkey informs, recalling Judge Rustem Eryilmaz’s words during the previous hearing.

During that hearing, Eryilmaz had told all attorneys to be at the next court session, which will be held Tuesday, since a final verdict could be issued.    

But Arzu Becerik, an attorney of Hrant Dink’s family, stressed that if the trial ends in this way, it will be extremely flawed, because the telephone conversation recordings, which the Turkish Telecommunication Department had sent, have not been properly studied, and several persons are not included in the murder case.

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