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I am Armenian in spirit, blood – female boxer

10:43, 28.01.2012 Region: Armenia

By Garik Hovsepyan

YEREVAN. – European women’s boxing silver medalist Armine Sinabyan, who lives in Sweden but represents Armenia, is in the capital Yerevan for already two weeks. She is taking part in Armenia’s championship, and she plans to become national champion for a third consecutive year.

And Armenian News-NEWS.am interviewed Armenia’s most title-winning female boxer. 

Why did you choose this non-womanlike sport? 

My father, Gaspar Sinabyan, was a boxer, and he worked as a trainer in Sweden. I often attended his trainings. I gradually began fighting, and decided to engage in boxing more seriously.

What prompted you to represent Armenia? 

I am Armenian in spirit and in blood, and that is why I decided to compete under Armenia’s flag. I wish to win medals for Armenia from all official competitions.   

Where and with whom will you train for the world championship?

I will train in Armenia. I now live in Yerevan with my father. Armenian men’s national team’s former head coach Rafayel Mehrabyan is helping me, too. 

Does women’s boxing have a future in Armenia?

If we consider that Armenian men’s boxing is one of the world’s leading ones, women’s boxing will likewise develop in Armenia sooner or later.

Armenia News - NEWS.am

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