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Squad’s generation change will take place after Olympics – Armenian national wei

14:30, 16.02.2012 Region: Armenia

By Khachik Chakhoyan

Armenian interviewed Poghos Poghosyan, the head coach of Armenia’s national weightlifting team. And below is an excerpt from the interview.   

Our team is now preparing for the European championship.

You could say that, but we have Armenia’s championship prior to the European Championship, and all the best weightlifters will compete in Armenia’s championship. The results in this championship will become a basis for the final makeup of the national squad. And those who will compete in the European Championship will become clear only after the national championship. And then we will think about the Olympic Games.     

Is there a generation change in the [national] team?

Such thing will take place in our team only after the Olympics. It is a very accountable period now, and, also, there is no sense in taking risks. We will rely on those athletes who already have participated in prestigious competitions.   

What results are you expecting from the weightlifters?

I hope to God that the guys reach [the Olympics] without injuries, and in that case I am convinced that those who will compete in the Olympics will do everything to win medals. The athlete must trust his own strength, but psychological readiness is very important too. They must be guided to victory, and I am hopeful that we will have triumphs in London.

Photo by Sona Barseghyan

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