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We have always been friends with Armenians - Georgian national boxing team head

14:42, 18.02.2012 Region: Armenia

By Khachik Chakhoyan

ABOVYAN. – Georgia’s national boxing team is currently holding trainings in Armenia’s Abovyan city, and Armenian News-NEWS.am caught up with the team’s head coach, Ramaz Paliani. Below is an excerpt from the interview. 

Why did you choose to hold trainings in Armenia?

First and foremost, I am very familiar with the trainers of Armenia’s national team. Also, I believe it will be very good for the boxers of the two countries to train together.    

Only one boxer from Armenia has so far qualified for the Olympic Games. What is the situation in your team?

Unfortunately, none [of our boxers] has yet qualified. 

If Armenian and Georgian boxers face each other in the Olympic ring, will you remember your friendship [with the Armenians]?

Of course I will remember. This is not something new, and we have always been friends with Armenians. Everyone will certainly try to win in the ring, but there is a life outside of the ring, too. And if the Armenian boxer were to win, I would want for him to become the champion.

Photo by Sona Barseghyan

Armenia News - NEWS.am

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