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1.5-year-old child of insane murderer dies in orphanage (VIDEO)

February 21, 2012 | 20:58

In Armenian Lori region’s Darpas village the 1.5-year-old baby of a man, who had killed his father and his wife, died in the orphanage 24 days after the incident, the director of the Vanadzor Orphanage informed.

The director of the orphanage added that the child had been taken to the orphanage already sick.

“During all 1.5 years of his life the child has not been taken care of properly. He would have died anywhere,” the director said.

The father of the child was recognized as insane and he is in a mental hospital now.

To remind, the resident of Armenian Lori Region’s Darpas village Martin Abrahamyan had killed his father, then his wife.

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