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Other countries will follow France’s example – Armenian FM

15:30, 28.02.2012 Region: World News, Armenia, Turkey Theme: Politics, Analytics

As long as Turkey continues the policy of denying the Armenian Genocide on a state level, other countries likewise will pass laws that criminalize the denial of the Genocide, Armenian FM Edward Nalbandian stated in an interview with  Der Standard daily of Austria.

“This genocide is a crime committed against humanity, and numerous countries and international organizations have recognized it as such. The Genocide’s denial is receiving an appropriate response,” Nalbandian said.  

With respect to the observation that France’s passing of the law that criminalizes the denial of genocides—including the Armenian Genocide—is linked to the country’s upcoming presidential elections, Armenia’s FM responded: “No. The law receives full support from France’s President, Government, and the main political forces. So, the adoption of the law reflects the view of the entire people of France. The same happened in 2001, when France passed the law on recognizing the Armenian Genocide.”     

Concerning as to how the aforesaid law’s passing could impact Armenian-Turkish relations, Edward Nalbandian said: “This law can only be useful for normalizing the Armenian-Turkish relations. If there is something that obstructs the normalization of relations, it is the approach of the Turkish side itself. After signing the [Armenian-Turkish] protocols in Zurich, the Turkish side took a step backward and refused to implement the arrangements. The international community finds that the ball is on Turkey’s half of the [playing] field.”       

Armenia’s FM also commented on the application submitted to France’s Constitutional Council (CC) in order to determine the constitutionality of the law that criminalizes the denial of genocides, and he said: “I do not think it is correct to interfere in the Constitutional Council’s decision-making process, which the Turkish side is attempting to do. They are bragging about carrying out an effective lobby with the French senators who applied to the Constitutional Council, [and] are thanking Azerbaijan for its efforts in this direction.

Those senators who had signed the petition to apply to CC received a huge reception in Baku in their honor, [and] as a token of appreciation. I do not believe that such work method can be welcomed in any European country. The adopted law is the view of the overwhelming majority of the people of France, and it deserves respect,” Armenia’s FM stated.

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