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Armenian opposition party does not believe in elections

March 13, 2012 | 13:32

YEREVAN. – Armenia’s opposition New Times Party chairman Aram Karapetyan will not run in the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections. Karapetyan himself stated this during a press conference on Tuesday. And as his reason, he noted he did not believe it to be possible to make changes in Armenia by way of elections. 

Also, Karapetyan pointed to two ways for achieving changes. One way is the elections, which are non-operational in the CIS countries. And the other way is the streets. “Today, all changes in the world take place through the streets,” he stressed. 

And the press conference’s other speaker, the ruling coalition’s Republican Party of Armenia MP Manvel Badeyan, reflected on Aram Karapetyan’s aforesaid comments and brought the example of Libya, where the country “vanished from the map” as a result of civil war. He stated they are against the second way and are convinced that the Armenian body politic likewise will never choose the Arab scenario.

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