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US Ambassador to Armenia says reconciliation is possible

17:20, 14.03.2012 Region: World News, Armenia, Karabakh, Azerbaijan Theme: Politics, Society

YEREVAN.- U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John Heffern shared his impressions about “Ete Bolore” (“If All”) movie he had watched with his wife.

On his video blog Heffern said the film was set in Nagorno-Karabakh and had a Nagorno-Karabakh story.

“The theme of the film is reconciliation. The specific idea of the movie is that Armenian and Azerbaijani people are similar in many ways, have similar family needs, similar family ties, sadness and sorrows,” he said.

Last week the Ambassador visited one of Yerevan high school where he discussed the theme with the students.

“We spoke about the idea that Azerbaijanis and Armenians are similar in many ways. I received various responses in that discussion. Several of the students agreed with the theme and said they would welcome the students from any country at their school, including Azerbaijani students,” he stressed.

John Heffern said he had also received many tough questions. One of the students asked how the American students would react in similar situation. Ambassador brought an example of slavery as one of the difficult periods in the U.S. history.

“For hundreds years, African Americans were slaves in the US and over this period of time racial tension and hatred has grew and became a serious problem,” he emphasized.

However, there is real reconciliation between the races in the US. The Ambassador stressed that reconciliation is possible expressing hope that all would work for reconciliation.

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