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Armenian policemen asked their chief to allow them to punish citizens who laugh

17:04, 17.03.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Politics, Society

YEREVAN. – Armenian received an open letter by ‘A group of policemen on duty in the Yerevan city Mashtots Park’ addressed to the Chief of Armenia’s Police Vladimir Gasparyan.

“Mr. Gasparyan, taking into account your position on the role and the status of the policeman in the society, we want to invite your attention on the attitude of certain environmental activists in the Mashtots Park in Yerevan downtown towards the policemen.

There are numerous videos uploaded on YouTube testifying that the policeman is neglected and even mocked. We understand very well that there are special people among the activists who intentionally play on our nerves. Some people do not mock us directly but scold by making us appear into funny and inconvenient situation, violating our dignity. In a relevant case when there is no direct insult but there does exist mock and disregard, what a policeman can do to overturn such an attitude?

We do not support rude methods and have no intentions to apply force towards our citizens, however, the society should understand that we, as law enforcers, have no right to be in such situation. Otherwise, what steps should be taken against those who abuse the policeman,” the letter reads.

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