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OSCE Minsk Group has not fulfilled key task - analyst

OSCE Minsk Group has not fulfilled key task - analystMarch 29, 2012 | 14:04

YEREVAN. – The key role of the OSCE Minsk Group is to be ‘watershed’ prevebting resumption of hostilities, political analyst Manvel Gumashyan said at a press conference on Thursday.

The analyst stated that expectations from the MG diametrically differ for the conflicting parties. Armenia assesses the efforts as positive, while Azerbaijan continuously shows dissatisfaction.

“In fact the MG has not fulfilled its key task. However, it is positive that the mediators are hampering war resumption,” the expert stated adding the MG expects Azerbaijan to be ready for the compromises and only then it is possible to settle the conflict. 

As for the publications and statements on EU replacing France in the OSCE MG, Gumashyan believes it to be ‘far from reality.’ As to Turkey’s aspiration to intensify interference in the Karabakh peace process, Ankara’s position has become weaker. Turkey’s policy in the region  and the Arab world has failed, he added.

Turkey gets activated in generally because the remembrance day of the Armenian Genocide nears and in this context the U.S. President Obama delivers a speech. Thus, Turkey fears that Obama may use the term ‘genocide’ this time in his speech on the threshold of the U.S. presidential elections.


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