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World pole dance champion to meet with sisters in Armenia

15:31, 29.03.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Culture

YEREVAN. – World pole dance champion, Ukrainian Armenian Varda (Vardanush Martirosyan), still has not found her other half, but she likes men who play sports and have a good sense of humor. Varda herself stated this during a press conference in Yerevan on Thursday (photo).

“But there still are much more manly men in Armenia, since they are more traditional and conservative,” Varda added.  

Reflecting on her own principles in her art, she noted that she had clearly outlined—even when doing striptease—the boundaries she will never pass. “I never dance ‘privately’ for anyone,” the world pole dance champion said.     

Varda also informed that her father had disapproved of her decision to do striptease. “But he softened up when the Martirosyan surname appeared in all Ukrainian media after [me] becoming champion,” Vardanush Martirosyan said, and added that the question of making pole dance an Olympic event is being discussed.     

Varda is now in constant contact with her father, and she also informed that she has six brothers and sisters and was named after her grandmother Vardanush. “I have three sisters in Armenia—Lusine, Gayane, and Hasmik—and I will meet with them tomorrow [Friday],” she said.  

In his turn, famous Ukrainian singer Vitaliy Kozlovskiy, who arrived in Armenia with Varda, informed that he, too, has Armenian roots.

“My father confessed that we also have Armenian roots,” Kozlovskiy noted, and added that coming to Armenia is likewise interesting for him. 

As Armenian informed earlier, Varda and Vitaliy will present their show in Armenia this fall.

The duet, which has become popular in Ukraine, arrived in Armenia to participate in a TV show.

Varda and Vitaliy sing in three languages, including Armenian.

Photo by Sona Barseghyan

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