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Armenian MP candidate holds night meetings – newspaper

Armenian MP candidate holds night meetings – newspaperApril 03, 2012 | 08:48

YEREVAN. – Armenian National Assembly Deputy nominee Hakob Hakobyan informed that on Monday he met with representatives from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) Observation Mission, Hraparak daily writes.   

“Hakobyan informed them that there is an atmosphere of fear at Electoral District No. 19 [in Armavir Region], because General Seyran Saroyan is terrorizing the voters who hold different views.

Hakobyan said he is preparing to hold his pre-election meetings in the night hours, so that Saroyan will be uninformed especially as to who has come to meet with him [Hakobyan]. 

The ODIHR observers considered the idea of night meetings to be interesting, and they expressed a wish to attend them,” Hraparak writes.

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