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Political powers in Armenia started to reject economic populism - expert

05:15, 02.05.2012

Manaseryan rejected to dwell on election programs of parties…

Request of Armenians for recognizing Armenian Genocide causes fight in Georgian

03:54, 02.05.2012

There are number of factors that actually determine the position of Georgia on the Armenian Genocide…

Europe is not particularly interested in South Caucasus – expert

02:16, 02.05.2012

Today the American influence on the South Caucasus is more powerful…

French report was fabricated to discredit Armenians and to question their assert

01:16, 02.05.2012

This may be the work of a pro-Turkish person…

Georgia is too dependent from Turkey to recognize Armenian Genocide – expert

00:54, 02.05.2012

There is no political figure in Georgia questioning that the Armenian Genocide happened…

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