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Sahakyan: Telecommunications’ matters will be at Karabakh authorities’ focus

13:12, 20.10.2014

The President of Artsakh attended the official opening of a conference devoted to this domain…

Black ice on some Armenia roads

11:47, 20.10.2014

But all interstate and national motorways are open for traffic…

Armenia Yazidis issue open letter

11:28, 20.10.2014

They called upon the world superpowers to pay their attention and lend a helping hand to the Yazidis of Iraq…

German politicians impose sanctions against horse – Chechen leader

10:29, 20.10.2014

“They say in Berlin that the horse, being a man’s friend, falls under the same sanctions as its master, and, just like a man, it must answer”…

Crimea Armenians demand their church premises back

05:06, 20.10.2014

The city council representatives have promised the Armenian community of Crimea...

Bear bites 9-year-old’s hand in China zoo

02:54, 20.10.2014

The doctors announced that they had to completely amputate the boy’s right hand…

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