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Yerevan airport resumes normal operations

14:24, 20.12.2014

The heavy fog, as a result of which two airplanes could not land in the capital city of Armenia, has dissipated…

Heavy fog causes problems at Yerevan airport

13:14, 20.12.2014

Two passenger planes, which were en route to Armenia’s capital city from the Russian cities of Mineralnye Vody and Rostov-on-Don, could not land at Zvartnots International Airport…

Armenia university lecturers to write mandatory-social-payment-waiver petition

12:47, 20.12.2014

The education and science minister is convinced that the join foundation of the Yerevan State and the Yerevan State Medical Universities will be issued a legal status by no later than December 25…

Education Minister: For me, Europe is not the European Union only

12:39, 20.12.2014

Armen Ashotyan does not think that Russia and Armenia are not Europe...

Armenia implements 5 major education projects in 2014

12:10, 20.12.2014

Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan on Saturday recapped the passing year…

Armenia marks national security officers’ day

10:24, 20.12.2014

State interests are closely linked also to meeting the opportunities for the progress of the individual and society, and therefore it is also about national security…

4 Armenia banks’ executives resign – newspaper

10:05, 20.12.2014

It is not yet known to what extent these resignations are linked to the most recent sharp depreciation of the dram, Armenia’s national currency, and the tense situation in the country’s foreign currency exchange market…

Scandal in Armenia: sperm donor banned ex-girlfriend from using his sperm

08:09, 20.12.2014

In October, the artificial insemination occurred and eight healthy embryos were obtained, which were stored in cryo-freezer and afterwards should be placed in the womb of the surrogate mother...

Armenian child abandoned by parents in Moscow died in Yerevan

07:22, 20.12.2014

According to the Surb Astvatsamayr Medical Center head of intensive care unit, little girl died on Dec. 17 and had already been buried...

Medieval Yemeni glossary includes Armenian language

01:52, 20.12.2014

The discovery of this document was made in the 1960s, and it took some thirty years and more to study, translate, and publish it as a work of modern scholarship…

Fatih Akin: I recognize 1915 as genocide

00:04, 20.12.2014

The German-Turkish filmmaker reacted strongly against Germany’s former Turkish MP, who attempted to “teach” him history…

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