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Yerevan to have new roads

20:48, 03.03.2012

These new roads will later provide to develop transportation…

Woman is hospitalized because of drug poisoning in Armenia

19:46, 03.03.2012

Varduhi Karapetyan, 39, was delivered to Armenia Medical Center with drug poisoning…

Environmental activists to continue struggle for Mashtots Park in Yerevan downto

17:48, 03.03.2012

Many famous people joined the activists in their protest against the installation of the pavilions…

Armenian Deputy Patriarch of Constantinople complains about discrimination again

17:28, 03.03.2012

The country’s Constitution has a distressing point…

Young man, who brutally killed wife, is discontent with sentence

17:15, 03.03.2012

He is on a hunger strike ever since February 17…

Armenian Armed Forces hospital equipped with modern apparatus

16:52, 03.03.2012

Our experts undergo preparations in the U.S., Germany, Russia and Greece…

Armenian sentenced to 14 years in jail for Medicare fraud

14:23, 03.03.2012

Artur Manasaryan was using his Brunswick medical supply company as front in Medicare fraud scheme...

Armenian physicians did everything to save lives of soldiers during Karabakh War

13:29, 03.03.2012

Conference devoted to military medical service…

Armenia successfully develops its military industry – university head

13:19, 03.03.2012

It also takes part in international peacekeeping missions…

Japan marks doll festival or Girls’ Day

13:15, 03.03.2012

The Hina dolls are not for playing, they are used as a decoration...

Armenians die in car crash in Russia

12:53, 03.03.2012

Additional facts are being checked…

218 flights canceled in Brazil

12:13, 03.03.2012

The failure of the passengers’ registration system resulted in long queues

Daily speeding cases drop from 300-600 to 11 in Yerevan

12:03, 03.03.2012

Sometimes the police are recording unfounded traffic violations…

Closed, difficult-to-drive roads in Armenia

10:30, 03.03.2012

The Georgian highway, which leads to the Armenian border, is likewise closed…

Masked men enter downtown Yerevan nightclub – newspaper

09:18, 03.03.2012

The operation could have been linked to child trafficking, or illegal drugs…

Women at Armenia’s parliament impatiently awaiting Speaker’s decision – newspape

09:00, 03.03.2012

Former parliament Speaker had established such tradition…

Wrong to think that Arab Spring was premeditated – expert

03:41, 03.03.2012

The Arab Spring has generated a butterfly effect that keeps influencing all the countries...

Moscow court found guilty Azerbaijani in killing Armenian teenager

00:35, 03.03.2012

Margaryan was killed as a result of a fight initiated by Mamedov…

Young Turk called home while Turkish PM answered phone (VIDEO)

00:20, 03.03.2012

Erdogan got interested in the life of the family…

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