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System of a Down group visitors to be redirected to website on Armenian Genocide

23:05, 24.04.2012

For the day of remembrance of the Armenian Genocide by Ottoman Turkey…

Young Turks are inclined to recognize Armenian Genocide – Hayasa

22:43, 24.04.2012

A much larger percentage of the Turkish, Azerbaijani youth relates to the matter more soberly…

Armenian youth organized mourning march in Vienna

22:27, 24.04.2012

The Armenian youth distributed information notes to passers-by on the Genocide…

Thousands of people in Lebanon held protest-march heading to Turkey’s Embassy

21:12, 24.04.2012

Denial of the genocide must be condemned by humanity and considered the continuation of the genocide…

We shall struggle for justice - Armenian youth of America commemorates Armenian

21:07, 24.04.2012

The young generation of Armenians in the United States is educated with Armenian Spirit….

Picket demanding recognition of Armenian Genocide takes place in front Turkish e

19:38, 24.04.2012

Without recognizing the Armenian Genocide Turkey cannot enter Europe…

Serviceman rolls over with KAMAZ and dies

19:18, 24.04.2012

Akelyan was hospitalized in a serious condition…

Armenian Genocide commemorated in Jerusalem

19:06, 24.04.2012

The first event was organized on April 23…

President of Armenia gets familiarized with ‘Book as Witness for Genocide’ exhib

18:59, 24.04.2012

The exhibition includes important and ancient printing documents…

1915 was Genocide, and Genocide is crime – event in Istanbul

18:27, 24.04.2012

IHD recognizes the Armenian Genocide…

Vive La France song is written about Armenian-French friendship (VIDEO)

16:50, 24.04.2012

Armen Martirosyan composed the music…

Armenia’s Premier receives Diaspora writers

16:45, 24.04.2012

They examined preservation of the Armenian language abroad…

I am here to share pain of Armenians and give brotherly shoulder – Head of Assyr

16:44, 24.04.2012

Our nation also knows what Genocide is…

Police hampers to hold rally near Turkish Embassy in Greece (PHOTOS)

16:34, 24.04.2012

Rally participants returned to the Syntagma Square in front of the Parliament and held protest action demanding the Government not to succumb to threats by the Turkish authorities…

97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide marked in London and Tehran

16:20, 24.04.2012

Protest meeting in Tehran, march in London…

Armenian Genocide commemoration events take place in all Armenian Communities of

16:17, 24.04.2012

The Armenian Genocide is the biggest crime and it must be assessed properly…

Armenians in Georgia organized rally next to Georgian Government (photo)

16:09, 24.04.2012

They handed over an application to the Georgian parliament

Al Jazeera to air documentary on Armenian Genocide

14:40, 24.04.2012

The 48-minute film also includes an interview conducted years ago with Hrant Dink…

Armenian Genocide commemoration events held in Kazakhstan, Georgia and Brazil (P

14:24, 24.04.2012

All the 14 Armenian communities in Kazakhstan held honoring events…

Mankind cannot remain blind and dumb – Diaspora Minister

13:51, 24.04.2012

One must be mad not to see sorrow and pain of the Armenian nation...

Armenians of Tehran honor memory of Genocide victims

13:13, 24.04.2012

Hundreds of Tehrani Armenians gathered near the monument…

Armenian Genocide must be recognized by entire world – Russian ambassador

12:56, 24.04.2012

Its acknowledgment process is inevitable…

France’s Armenian community formed as consequence of Genocide – ambassador

12:53, 24.04.2012

This is a consequence of the Armenian Genocide…

April 24 important day for Armenians – US Ambassador

12:51, 24.04.2012

Ambassador Heffern visited the Memorial to the Armenian Genocide victims...

Akhaltskha’s Armenian schools barred from attending Genocide events

12:05, 24.04.2012

This is the first instance in the history of independent Georgia…

Armenian Genocide remembered in Moscow (VIDEO)

10:33, 24.04.2012

“It is a crime without the statute of limitations. Justice shall prevail!”…

Turkey’s former president wished to resolve Genocide issue

08:01, 24.04.2012

He planned on allocating land in Van for the Armenians…

119 voters in one Yerevan apartment – newspaper

07:22, 24.04.2012

Another similar fact was discovered in this constituency…

Armenian villager commits suicide – newspaper

06:54, 24.04.2012

His sense organs were malfunctioning due to an incorrect operation…

Armenian community of American Niagara district to commemorate Armenian Genocide

01:33, 24.04.2012

Many Armenian Children received good education…

123 Armenian Genocide survivors live in Armenia

00:51, 24.04.2012

The Armenian Government decided to pay a monthly allowance to those people who survived the Armenian Genocide…

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