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Armenian Armed Forces carry out all tasks - MOD

19:33, 30.06.2012

Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan summed up the session works…

Batumi holds action against Turkish expansion

19:23, 30.06.2012

Adjaria is our territory and we will not yield it to anyone…

OSCE Office promotes out-of-court resolutions in defamation cases in Armenia

17:30, 30.06.2012

The event, organized by the OSCE Office in Yerevan and the Armenian Freedom of Information Centre, aims to inform journalists and lawyers...

Group of Israeli women to tour Armenia and Karabakh

17:18, 30.06.2012

The group plans to visit the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute...

Yerevan Mayor tours open-air agricultural product market

15:40, 30.06.2012

Activities are underway toward increasing their number…

Istanbul Armenian is buried in accordance with Islamic rites

14:45, 30.06.2012

His family did not have the money the Armenian Church demanded…

Lawsuit is filed against commander of Armenian soldier killed in Turkish army

14:10, 30.06.2012

The soldier’s mother noted that those who demand free education are put into jail in Turkey, yet…

1/4 or 1/5 of Armenia’s couples suffers from infertility – physician

13:17, 30.06.2012

Primarily women turn to a psychologist in the country…

Criminal case opens against Yerevan airport worker who took bribe for extra lugg

12:52, 30.06.2012

He demanded and received approximately $36…

YSU Journalism faculty to have high competition (VIDEO)

04:47, 30.06.2012

Students’ level is above average…

Number of cattle increases in Armenian Lori region

04:18, 30.06.2012

The number of pigs, for example, decreased because in 2010 plague spread in several communities in Lori…

Cyber-crimes increased sharply in Armenia

01:05, 30.06.2012

Number of Armenian users increased in the social networks, while crimes increase as well…

20-year-old girl commits suicide attempt on brother’s party

00:01, 30.06.2012

Anahit does not have a father, he left for Russia and never came back...

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