ThursdaySeptember 18
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Criminal case launched on soldier’s death in Karabakh

17:21, 18.09.2014

Criminal case is launched on charges of murder with the motive of national, racial or religious hatred...

Karabakh FM condemns Azerbaijani provocations

16:50, 18.09.2014

He called on international community to increase pressure on Azerbaijan so that it accepted proposals on removal of snipers and creation of investigation mechanisms...

Analyst: Scotland's possible separation will not affect status of Karabakh

15:51, 18.09.2014

London and the entire wold community will recognize Karabakh as soon as Azerbaijan does...

Fallen Armenian soldier’s case will not go unpunished – Defense Minister

15:43, 18.09.2014

Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Ministry and Defense Army analyze these incidents...

European Parliament calls on Azerbaijan to proceed with human rights reforms

15:29, 18.09.2014

EU support and cooperation with Azerbaijan must be conditional upon and include clauses relating to protection of human rights...

Soldier dies in Karabakh from Azerbaijani bullet

11:45, 18.09.2014

An investigation is underway to ascertain the details of the incident…