MondayDecember 22
  • USD 456.17
  • EUR 559.36
  • RUB 8.07

Russia to provide $270 million loan to extend operation of Armenian NPP

18:48, 22.12.2014

The agreement was signed on December 22 by Armenian Energy Minister Yervand Zakharyan and head of Rosatom corporation Sergey Kiriyenko.,,

Presidents of EEU to announce completion of procedures on Armenia

18:26, 22.12.2014

The completion of ratification procedure on Armenia’s joining Eurasian Union will be announced during the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council...

US Ambassador to Armenia thanks partners in farewell video blog

18:13, 22.12.2014

In his blog the diplomat thanked all partners and presented his view of Armenia’s future...

Armenia Central Bank sells $2 million

17:34, 22.12.2014

At an average exchange rate of AMD 451.89/$1, and the marginal rate totaled AMD 449.79/$1…

Armenia army delegation to hold talks with Russia

17:24, 22.12.2014

In accordance with the 2014 Bilateral Cooperation Plan, which the Armenian and the Russian MODs have signed…

Yerevan New Year events to kick off Monday evening

17:01, 22.12.2014

With the official lighting of the main Christmas tree at Republic Square…

Dollar rate drops slightly in Armenia

16:41, 22.12.2014

The NASDAQ OMX Armenia stock exchange, however, saw no USD trading on Monday…

Armenia attorney general can represent country at ECtHR – justice ministry

16:35, 22.12.2014

The prosecutor general is in fact the attorney of the country, and institutionally, there is nothing bizarre in concurrently carrying out these two activities…

President Serzh Sargsyan participates in YSU board year-end session

15:59, 22.12.2014

The discussants conferred on and subsequently approved the Yerevan State University rector’s report on the institution’s activities conducted in the 2013/14 academic year…

US to issue visas to qualified Armenians sooner than expected – embassy

14:59, 22.12.2014

But the visa application fees have remained unchanged…

President’s office gives gifts to Yerevan schoolchildren

14:50, 22.12.2014

The presidential residence’s New Year and Christmas activities for children have kicked off on Monday…

Armenian Minister: We continued to save water

14:07, 22.12.2014

As a result of conservation of illegal and unowned wells, 253 liters per second were saved...

KfW to help save on water in Armenia's Ararat valley

13:43, 22.12.2014

The system will be quite expensive because the wellsc are operating in more than 140 settlements of Ararat and Armavir regions...

Armenia President attends medical simulation training center opening (PHOTOS)

13:38, 22.12.2014

By way of this new center, simulation training will be included in the Yerevan State Medical University curriculum…

Karabakh soldier dies because of grenade explosion

13:09, 22.12.2014

A fatal incident was recorded Sunday, at a military outpost of a protection area of a Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Army...

Dollar and euro fall in Armenia

12:32, 22.12.2014

As of Monday at 11:35am, USD 1 was purchased at a maximum high of AMD 455…

Armenia officials are engaged in unlawfulness – People’s Party

12:14, 22.12.2014

“If it is not the powers that be [who are behind these attacks], it will be exposed”…

Delayed planes safely land in Armenia

11:23, 22.12.2014

Despite the current cloudy weather, Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport operates in normal fashion…

Kyrgyzstan and Eurasian Union states have shared past and future – president

11:03, 22.12.2014

“The Eurasian Economic Union countries are not only our economic partners, but, first and foremost, our close neighbors”…

Armenia road report: All motorways mostly passable

10:34, 22.12.2014

But the Sotk-Karvachar Highway is difficult to pass, and the road crews are scattering salt and sand on the motorways to ensure safe travel…

Soldier dies in Karabakh

10:21, 22.12.2014

An investigation is underway to ascertain the details of this incident…

Kazakhstan president says EEU treaty is year’s main event

10:18, 22.12.2014

After January 1, 2015, Armenia likewise is expected to join the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union, which also includes Kazakhstan and Belarus…

Armenia to attend CSTO session in Russia

08:34, 22.12.2014

The discussants will confer on the presidents’ statements, and several documents…

Trade and Design School to be founded in Armenia

00:34, 22.12.2014

We do have good designers but those are lonely mavericks...

Azeri murderers not to be extradited from Karabakh - Armenian MOD opinion

00:12, 22.12.2014

According to Armenian MOD, the Azeri saboteurs had illegally crossed the border and are charged with many severe crimes...

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