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Russian court sentenced Orhan Zeynalov to 17 years in jail

16:37, 28.07.2014

The murder provoked unrest in one of Moscow districts last year...

Russia to ban US poultry imports?

16:10, 28.07.2014

The stricter inspection is due to…

Russian FM: Crimea is a part of Russia

15:53, 28.07.2014

There weren’t any talks with anybody about Crimea, there are no talks and there can be no talks...

Malaysian airliner was shot down – UN

15:16, 28.07.2014

This incident can be assessed as a war crime…

EU countries not thrilled by sanctions – Russia MFA

15:03, 28.07.2014

The sanctions cannot achieve their objectives when it comes to Russia…

Russian FM: Peace plan by Poroshenko an option to gain West's support

13:54, 28.07.2014

Lavrov said the developments proved that the Ukrainian leadership sees the peace plan by Poroshenko, primarily as a tool to mobilize West's support...

Lavrov: Main problem is Kyiv's refusal to hold talks

13:02, 28.07.2014

Russian Foreign Minister said Moscow expects deployment of OSCE mission on the border between Russia and Ukraine...

Arrested Russian-Armenian businessman is in depression

12:26, 28.07.2014

Hayrapetyan will meet with his attorneys on Monday…