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New bill on Armenian Genocide to be considered in next legislature of French Par

22:10, 03.03.2012

Council stated the bill, criminalizing denial of genocides, anti-constitutional…

Two schoolchildren killed in Aleppo blast

18:12, 03.03.2012

Two people died, while 20 were injured in another blast…

Two people killed in attack in Syria’s Dera

14:32, 03.03.2012

More than 20 people were injured...

Armenian sentenced to 14 years in jail for Medicare fraud

14:23, 03.03.2012

Artur Manasaryan was using his Brunswick medical supply company as front in Medicare fraud scheme...

Armenian FM to leave for Prague

14:04, 03.03.2012

He will attend the meeting of Foreign Ministers of Eastern Partnership countries...

Clash on Turkish-Greek border

13:27, 03.03.2012

The group consisting of Bangladeshi and Pakistani tried to cross the Maritsa river and move to Greece...

Japan marks doll festival or Girls’ Day

13:15, 03.03.2012

The Hina dolls are not for playing, they are used as a decoration...

218 flights canceled in Brazil

12:13, 03.03.2012

The failure of the passengers’ registration system resulted in long queues

Apple tops most admired companies list

11:14, 03.03.2012

The capitalization of Apple-market has exceeded 500 billion dollars...

Nestlé severs trade ties with Azerbaijan

11:01, 03.03.2012

The reason was corruption between the country’s local shipment company and the customs agency…

I am hopeful that elections are not rigged – German Ambassador to Armenia

05:39, 03.03.2012

What’s important for me is that the content issues be at the foreground…

Israeli-Azerbaijani cooperation not to affect Tel-Aviv’s position on Karabakh is

05:07, 03.03.2012

You have to separate between the business and ideological aspects of things...

Wrong to think that Arab Spring was premeditated – expert

03:41, 03.03.2012

The Arab Spring has generated a butterfly effect that keeps influencing all the countries...

Iran unlikely to use nuclear weapon unless it is attacked – Israeli expert

02:17, 03.03.2012

It is more a psychological war than an actual weapon war...

West to do everything to throw down Assad - expert

01:33, 03.03.2012

U.S. and its allies constantly are getting reinforced on the borders with Syria preparing a bridgehead…

If USA and Israel pull Azerbaijan towards anti-Iranian alliance they might provo

01:11, 03.03.2012

In that case demonstrations might spread throughout the country…

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