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Karabakh issue must be raised in level of Secretary of State - Bryza

20:40, 03.05.2012

The process of normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations negatively affected the Karabakh peace process...

We make every effort for these elections to be different – Armenian PM (PHOTO)

19:24, 03.05.2012

Garkun thanked the PM for the support shown by the government…

Armenia’s textile products may find unique place in international market - PM

19:16, 03.05.2012

Armenia has good basis for widening and developing bilateral cooperation…

Prosperous Armenia Party’s rally ends quickly due to rain (photo)

18:15, 03.05.2012

The PAP leader and PAP members delivered only short speeches…

Armenia and EU negotiate on Association Agreement

17:59, 03.05.2012

The plenary session was followed by the negotiations on preparatory meeting…

Uruguay’s FM to visit Armenia

17:47, 03.05.2012

Armenian and Uruguayan Ministers will run negotiations on Friday...

Nicolas Sarkozy plans to circulate new bill penalizing Armenian Genocide denial

13:38, 03.05.2012

Both French presidential candidates reaffirmed their commitment to introduce a new bill...

Armenia to participate in Young Musicians Eurovision for the first time

06:28, 03.05.2012

15-year-old Narek Kazayan will represent Armenia…

Project in Czech Republican enables Armenian immigrants to work

05:27, 03.05.2012

This is a social business which gives work to immigrant women…

It is necessary to continue searching peaceful settlement for Karabakh conflict

03:18, 03.05.2012

Azerbaijani Armed Forces have violated the ceasefire regime for over 4,600 times this year…

May 3rd is World Press Freedom Day

01:44, 03.05.2012

It is prohibited to force someone to refuse one’s opinion or change it…

Italians to open brandy-wine factory in Armenia

01:15, 03.05.2012

The outer construction works of the factory are completed…

Turkish Fenerbahce pictures Armenian flag on its logo

00:04, 03.05.2012

The statements contain obvious hostility towards Jews, Greeks and Armenians…

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