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Irates De Facto: US wants to form pro-Western liberal bloc in Armenia

October 21, 2011

YEREVAN. – Pre-election processes are slowly becoming vigorous, Irates De Facto biweekly writes. “The political field is looking for alliances and unions. According to news being circulated, the United States aims to form a pro-Western liberal bloc in Armenia. Those carrying out this plan wish to unite the Republic, Heritage, and Free Democrats political parties in this alliance.

According to analysts, in 2007 US wished to see Aram Sargsyan’s [Republic] and Raffi Hovannisian’s [Heritage] parties in the Armenian parliament, again as an alliance. But the developments took another course. [Armenia’s First President and opposition Armenian National Congress leader] Levon Ter-Petrosyan obstructed this process with his return, and Aram Sargsyan emerged in his camp. Let us see who will obstruct this time,” Irates De Facto writes.

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