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Irates De Facto: Nation sold its future for 5 years – United Armenians Party

May 08, 2012

YEREVAN. – Irates De Facto tried to receive assessments, with respect to Armenia’s May 6 National Assembly elections, from the political forces that ran in them. And Ruben Avagyan from the United Armenians Party specifically noted:  

“I had said that the majority [election] would not be fair, whereas the proportional was 60-percent free, but not fair. These are different things. We are not ready for fair elections. The Armenian nation sold its future for five years. What else can I say if the people give 75 percent of the votes to the authorities? There will be darkness at the top, [and] the rule of darkness below for five years,” Irates De Facto writes.      

To note, Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission has issued the preliminary results of the May 6 parliamentary elections. Five parties and one political bloc will be represented in the 131-seat National Assembly (Parliament) of Armenia: Republican Party of Armenia – 44.05% (663,066 votes), Prosperous Armenia Party – 30.20% (454,684 votes), Armenian National Congress – 7.10% (106,910 votes), Heritage Party – 5.79% (87,095 votes), ARF Dashnaktsutyun Party – 5.73% (86, 296 votes), and Orinats Yerkir Party – 5.49% (82,690 votes).

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