Former Armenian PM does not care whether he is nominated MP candidate


09:31, 23.02.2012

Aravot daily asked: The opposition bloc Armenian National Congress (ANC) is discussing the nominations for the proportional election list and the majority election system. Do you have any aspirations to be nominated in any electoral system? And opposition Liberty Party Chairman and former PM Hrant Bagratyan responded: “It is all the same [for me].”    

He added that he would want to get involved in something active, but he had not taken part in any discussions to that effect, and when ANC had asked him, he had said “it is all the same.”

Is there a concern that the hopes placed on these [parliamentary] elections, the existing expectations, would not materialize yet again?  

Of course there are concerns. And who does not have [them]?

Այս թեմայով

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