Armenian regional governor “reserves” parliamentary seat


09:27, 29.02.2012

YEREVAN. – Governor Surik Khachatryan (a.k.a. Liska) of Armenia’s Syunik Region decided to enter the parliament through devious ways, Hraparak daily writes. 

“It was written recently that in these [parliamentary] elections a 28-year-old Hayk Gevorgyan, who is the English teacher of Liska’s son, will be nominated with Liska’s backing. But there is a view in Syunik that by nominating this young man, Liska is merely securing his spot in the NA [National Assembly]. That is, Surik Khachatryan wants to make that candidate enter the parliament to ‘reserve’ his [own] place in the parliament. According to the designed plan, if there emerges a need to change the regional governors after the elections, the said MP will resign and Surik Khachatryan will enter the parliament in his stead,” Hraparak writes.

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