Armenia’s First President evades speaking about criminal case involving former FM


08:42, 28.06.2012

YEREVAN. – Those that followed the opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) rally on Tuesday observed that ANC leader and Armenia’s First President Levon Ter-Petrosyan did not touch upon several important topics, Hraparak daily writes.    

“Specifically, he did not speak about his running in the [2013] presidential elections, or having an ANC nominee. And he did not speak about the criminal prosecution against [The Civilitas Foundation’s founder, former FM, and Prosperous Armenia Party MP] Vartan Oskanian. 

To note, there are disagreements within the ANC regarding the matter [concerning Oskanian]. 

The ANC leader avoided expressing a view with regards to Oskanian and he left for his supporters to continue the debate over this topic. 

Incidentally, according to our information, there is a nuance in Oskanian’s affair, and both the prosecution and the accused are keeping silent about it. The thing is that some of the close to US$ 1.2 million, which [American benefactor and businessman John] Huntsman had transferred [to Armenia], was transferred to Oskanian’s personal [bank] account, and not to the Civilitas Foundation’s account, albeit they say this is properly documented and cannot cause problems,” Hraparak writes.        

Photo by Sona Barseghyan

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