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YEREVAN. – One of the priorities of the Communist Party of Armenia’s (CPA) pre-election program—for the upcoming parliamentary elections—is to lift the ban on Armenian children’s enrollment in Russian schools, the Party’s leader Ruben Tovmasyan stated during a press conference on Monday.   

In his words, Armenia’s current education system does not teach a necessary amount of Russian language to the children. At the same time, however, the Communists demand that the teaching level of Armenian—the country’s official language—be raised in schools.

In response to the question as to whether the initiative to open Russian schools for Armenian children would be followed by a proposal to join Russia, Tovmasyan noted: “Even if I were a super Communist, I would not have agreed to Armenia joining Russia. But the CPA is a supporter of friendly relations with Russia.”    

Also, Armenia’s Communists are in favor of nationalizing the strategic domains of the country’s economy. 

And Ruben Tovmasyan suggested that the Chinese model should be used in order to develop Armenia’s economy.

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