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TBILISI. – Events on 97th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide continue, within its frameworks Armenians in Georgia organized a rally on Monday in front of the Georgian Government.

Armenians with ‘No to the Genocide,’ ‘Armenian Genocide 97’ posters held a rally and then handed over an application to the Georgian parliament n appeal demanding that they should recognize the Armenian Genocide.

The world commemorates on April 24 the 97th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the first genocide of the 20th century.

Commemoration actions are held in all states, people remember this monstrous crime against humanity as over one and a half million innocent Armenians were massacred in the Ottoman Empire, while hundreds of thousands were tortured and deported.

The fact of the Armenian Genocide is recognized by many states. It was first recognized in 1965 by Uruguay. In general, the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey has already been recognized by Russia, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina, and 42 U.S. states.

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