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YEREVAN. – The Armenian Genocide’s memory will never fade, since the pain and suffering are transferred from generation to generation, stated French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who on Tuesday paid his respects in Paris to the Genocide victims.    

“I believe many share my views on this matter,” Sarkozy said at the event, and added that he was very moved by his visit to the Armenian Genocide Memorial during his state visit paid to Armenia’s capital Yerevan, Armenpress News Agency informs. 

“The bitter memory of this pain is with all Armenians,” the French President stressed. 

“There is no powerful state which does not reflect on its own history. A powerful state’s first sign is the evaluation by its residents. This is the perception that it can prove the impartiality of its own history. France demands from Turkey to review its own history. This is not a sign of weakness,” Sarkozy said.     

“The wound of history and memory does not heal if denialism continues. France has recognized that what happened was genocide. The whole world recognizes what happened as genocide. All historians know this,” the French Head of State noted. 

In his view, it is insulting to call for the formation of a commission that will decide on a matter which is already decided.  

Also, Sarkozy stated that democracy does not mean saying whatever you wish, but without any respect toward the victims. “The denial of the fact of the Armenian Genocide is unacceptable in France,” he added.

The French President stressed yet again that a new bill on criminalizing the Armenian Genocide’s denial will be introduced in France this June. 

“We need to do that, since that is justice, and  enacting of justice is always right,” Nicolas Sarkozy concluded.

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