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It is unlikely that Georgia will recognize the Armenian Genocide in the near future, Georgian political scientist Zurab Abashidze told Armenian

According to him, there are number of factors that actually determine the position of Georgia on the Armenian Genocide.

“Everyone knows in what a delicate situation Georgia currently is. The current ethnic situation in the country, politics, economics, neighbors… All that and many other issues have an important role,” Abashidze mentioned.

According to the political scientist, the incident which occurred in the Georgian Parliament on April 24 involving MP Azer Suleymanov, with Azerbaijani origins, fought with MP Jondi Baghaturia because of the Armenian Genocide, clearly indicate the atmosphere prevailing in Georgia over this issue.

“Fights occur in the Parliament of Georgia - an asymmetric response to the request to recognize the genocide of our Armenian brothers. The Azerbaijanis started beating the Armenians in the parliament, the Armenians beat the Georgians and the Georgians beat everyone. This is a micro example of what will be on a macro scale, if Georgia recognizes the Armenian Genocide,” he said.

As Armenian reported earlier, a fight broke out in the Georgian Parliament on the Armenian Genocide issue on April 24.

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