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It is unlikely that Georgia will recognize the Armenian Genocide, political scientist and deputy director of the Caucasus Institute Sergei Minasyan told Armenian adding that there are certain reasons for that. “Even though Armenians are a powerful national minority in Georgia, that state has close economic and political partnership with Turkey as well as Azerbaijan. And also there are many immigrants in Georgia from those countries. Today Georgia is strongly dependent from those neighbor countries and is unlikely to recognize the Armenian Genocide,” the expert said. Commenting on the Georgian Parliament recognizing the genocide of the Circassians last year, Minasyan stated that it was a political act directed against Russia. Sergei Minasyan compared the Armenian issue in Georgia with the processes taking place in Israel. According to the expert, there is no political figure in Georgia questioning that the Armenian Genocide happened, however, the political realities are forced into a position different from the true assessment of historical events.
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