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YEREVAN. – The elections campaigns are essentially the only reason why the residents of Armenia’s capital Yerevan go to the regions, Hraparak daily writes.

“They remember the villages when they need the villagers’ votes. And [thus] the ‘apostles’’ flow toward the villages begins. 

All of them, with a face of concern over the villagers’ worries, go the regions, [and] wash the brains of the poor villagers with their mindless speeches and unachievable promises.

But according to the news we have received, this ‘army,’ which went to the villages, is returning in shock this time.      

We continuously hear from the people from different camps that the villages and the villagers are in such terrible condition that they have moved the emotions of even these indifferent masses of the capital city residents.    

But this time, our poor villagers surprise the full [in the stomach] speakers; [as] they complain, they are indignant, [and] lash out their discontentment unto the faces of MP hopefuls. They also make it clear that their patience has a limit, too,” Hraparak writes.

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