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Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) Chairman Gagik Tsarukyan cast his ballot, during Sunday’s National Assembly elections, at the same precinct where he is also running as the precinct’s sole single-mandate MP candidate. He was accompanied by his family members.  

After voting, Tsarukyan spoke with news reporters and noted: “It is clear that there will be shortfalls. But everything is being done to immediately regulate these shortcomings.”    

“Today’s important conditions are the change, the condition, and the opportunities. But this can be done by someone who is aware of the situation and is empowered to change. 

The people have been told that they are the ones who determine their future. They all must take part in the elections today, in order to secure free and transparent elections,” Gagik Tsarukyan told news reporters.

The PAP leader also informed that he will tour the Party campaign headquarters throughout the day to “listen to what problem is where, so as to immediately regulate [it], to attempt so that there will not be serious incidents.”   

And with respect to election results, the PAP leader said: “No matter what percentage Tsarukyan receives, this will not mean Tsarukyan will disappear. The people’s frustration must be broken and faith must be instilled toward the elections.”   

Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) is a political power included in the ruling coalition.

Founded by Armenia’s largest businessman Gagik Tsarukyan, the party debuted in the 2007 parliamentary elections, winning 29 seats in the 131-seat National Assembly.

The proportional list of the party includes 165 names. The PAP has also nominated MP candidates with the majority election system.

Prosperous Armenia Party’s election campaign slogan is: “Believe, trust, demand!”

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