July 04
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YEREVAN.- There seems to be no other challengeable candidates for Prime Minister’s position beyond the acting one, said Richard Giragosian, director of Regional Studies Center, Yerevan-based political research center.

“The real problem is: if not him, then who? It doesn’t seem to be many, if any viable candidates besides Tigran Sargsyan,” he told journalists on Friday.

The real challenge for T. Sargsyan, he added, are the promises he had given which have largely stayed unfulfilled.

Speaking of the future cabinet, he said the political forces have entered the stage of negotiations to shape a new cabinet, although the present coalition which involves Orinats Yerkir (Rule of Law) Party has already proven to be a “malfunctioning marriage”.

Heritage party, he added, had made a surprising move with sacrificing some of its parliament seats for a tactical alliance with a newborn force, Free Democrats. With the opposition image it has been maintaining.

“Clearly it would be a mistake for Heritage to entering any kind of agreement with the government,” he said, brushing off the rumors of Heritage as a possible coalition member.

The real opposition force, he concluded, is today the Armenian National Congress.

“Some parties are nominal opposition – they may object on Turkey and Karabakh, but not other issues,” he said.  In this regard, it will be a challenge for Heritage to save the perception of an opposition party in the society.

The government, Giragosian added, so far has failed to understand that a healthy opposition is a steady support for democracy.

“And there is a progress by Armenian National Congress to try to make changes within this structure,” he concluded.

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