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YEREVAN. - Price growths are connected to the elections in Armenia. Before them the growth in prices is reduced or stopped altogether, but once the elections are over the next leap follows at once, the Chairman of the Union of Consumer Rights Protection of Armenia Armen Pogosyan told Armenian

“I have already announced about the 1st point and now comes the second: 58 percent of Armenia’s parliament is occupied by oligarchs who control everything and everyone. Of course the prices of sugar will increase in Armenia if 99 percent of sugar is imported to Armenia by one person and the remaining 1 percent is imported by him as well but under a different name,” Poghosyan announced.

Poghosyan mentioned that the Armenian legislation prohibits concentration excess on the markets but that point is not being followed.

“Concerning imports the state must establish import quotas of 20-30 percent and importers must fight for them, compete with each other,” Poghosyan mentioned adding that if the law was applied properly, the picture of the consumer market of Armenia would be completely different.

According to him, the Armenian consumer cannot protect its rights anyway.

“The consumers aim to buy high quality products with low prices. They do not and will not have such possibility as long as there is only one sugar importer, only one gasoline importer in Armenia,” he concluded.

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