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YEREVAN. – Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) executive body released a statement claiming the party is for public solidarity and multisided cooperation.

By receiving the overwhelming majority of votes as a result of the May 6 parliamentary elections, the RPA enlarged its role in the public-political arena. It gives the party the opportunity to secure stable and continuous development of Armenia, becoming the key guarantee for changes expected by the society.

The RPA is grateful to everybody: the people and the political powers for having managed to hold better elections in the state.

RPA ends the range of political consultations to secure cooperative environment leading to development and reinforcing positive attitude in state after the parliamentary elections.

Ahead to the first session of the Fifth Convocation of the National Assembly scheduled for May 31, the RPA declares:

1. Assuming the whole responsibility of political majority in the Parliament in accord with the Constitution, the party, as before, is for public solidarity and multisided cooperation.

2. In this regard, the party is ready to discuss any reasonable proposal by all the political powers at the Parliament, to support development of Armenia and to build a better state for everybody.

3. As a responsible political power, the RPA has been served for the establishment and strengthening of the state for over 20 years. It took every possible step to settle problems, which Armenia and its people face. The party will go on taking the key responsibility and is consistent in realizing its projects.

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