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YEREVAN. – Buying off of the constituents, during the recent parliamentary elections, determined the future of Armenia, First Secretary Ruben Tovmasyan of the Communist Party of Armenia Central Committee stated during a press conference on Tuesday.   

“The conclusion from these disgraceful elections is that truth must be attained by fists, not by programs,” Tovmasyan said.   

And reflecting on the buying off of the voters, the Communist Party leader stressed: “[They] Were able to play on the people’s poverty.” 

Also, he noted that all those who are currently in the country’s politics—and their “benefit” to the people—are well known for long years. “And now, they will divide up the country on May 31 [Thursday, when first session of the new Parliament convenes],” Tovmasyan said.     

And to the query as to whether the Communist Party will run in the 2013 presidential elections, Ruben Tovmasyan responded: “Time will tell as to the expediency of taking part in the presidential campaign after these disgraceful elections.”

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